Hi everyone,

*** First, I would like to introduce a few special points that I want to give to my clients.

  • Tamhappyboy is one of the Fine Art photographers in Vancouver and was also a singer in the KIO band with the song Hit in 2009.
  • With over 7 years experience in Wedding Photographer. Tamhappyboy is sure to satisfy his most demanding customers
  • I am the first Vietnamese Photographer in Vancouver who became a member of Fearless Photographer – the worldwide professional wedding photographer organization. (Apr 29th, 2021)
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Why should you choose us?

1 / Just because Tam is always aiming for BEAUTIFUL photos – BEAUTIFUL PHOTO, EXTREMELY pictures wherever the Bride and Groom wants.

Especially MEANING PHOTOS that when the Bride the Groom look back, they know why they laughed, why they shed tears, why they hugged each other in each of these pictures (these are called stories love shows in every photo of each couple that only couples know their exact story).

Mind to minimize the impact on the Bride’s moments or events taking place during the ceremony (if the ceremony).

2 / Mind absolutely never makes fun, bullshit, and bullshit to make customers laugh during the shoot to get an image called a natural laugh …

3 / A lot of UNIQUE images at any location you come

  4 / Help Bride to better understand the styles that need to be taken for her photo series to be forever and thoroughly consulted to choose the best Sorie sets on the day of shooting

 5 / Record the whole sequence of action that took place on the day of the photo shoot (make up, move, during lunch break…. I almost work continuously on that 8 hour shooting day…) this calls behind the scenes.

6 / Make a file (mp4) Video Clip pictures behind the scenes for Bride to show before the wedding ceremony, for everyone to review the hard work on the day of the photo shoot.

7 / Commitment to make customers satisfied and most impressed when working with Tamhappyboy team.

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Huy ” Jack ” An

Hi guys! My name is Huy, and I am so happy that you found me!

*** My adventures in wedding photography began when I was at first year in college.

One of my friend showed me his camera, and from that moment I spend hours and hours to learn from him everything about photography.

During 3 years with him, I had chances to been through many different cultural weddings, and realized that wedding photography is my passion.

After that, I met Tam and we had a super long conversation in our first day. I decided to join Tamhappyboy.